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FEBRUARY 15, 2022

“C” Food

It’s essential to incorporate carbohydrates into our diets as not only do they contribute to hydration, hence the word carbo/hydrate, and aid in physical tasks, but they are also responsible for controlling your thought process, in return helping with our mental and physical awareness.

Eli

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DECEMBER 18, 2021

It's worth the WAIT/WEIGHT

I was lucky to have started weight training in the early 80’s under the watchful eye of well-respected coaches including one of the greatest Worlds strongest men, Jon Pall Sigmarrson.

Jon Pall was a regular at the Sports centre where I worked as he trained there throughout the Summer month read more...

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FEBRUARY 15, 2022

Food for thought - are all calories equal?

Calories, as we know, are an energy figure/number given to foods. Many dieticians will have you believe that it doesn’t really matter where they come from, stating that a calorie is a calorie.

We should not forget that our bodies are biological entities and not calculators. Instinctively w read more...

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JULY 17, 2020

Sugar or honey-honey?

Well … none, actually!

In order to fight obesity, the government is putting higher tax on food products that have higher amounts of sugar added. But, does this really help the overweight epidemic that our nation is moving towards?

Food companies are being extremely clever at gettin

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JUNE 4, 2020

Food for thought – jump to the Beet!

Nitric oxide is produced by the body, it dilates blood vessels and aids in blood flow. It is great for lowering blood pressure, increasing brain function and improving exercise performance. It is quite well known that one of the best natural sources for obtaining nitric oxide is beetroot.


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