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Ashley Rolfe

Chief Executive Officer, London (52 years of age)

lan was the first trainer that understood me as an individual. Most personal trainers seem to have a one size fits all mentality or put their goals into you. Ian took my body shape and natural abilities into account and maximise them. A lion is a lion and a cheetah is a cheetah, he will help to maximise whatever you are.


London (42 years of age)

Breathing from Simona has been a special journey for me. I wasn't always ready to face my fears, and at times it was clear in my sessions how much I was avoiding them. Simon's unique approach got straight to the heart of the things holding me back and over time the shift and breakthroughs I experienced have been life altering. She is full of insightful experience and wisdom that very few people possess, and she holds a safe, warm space for you to truly transform. There is no counselling or therapy that comes close to the power of breath work. It takes courage but Simon is there cheering you on with love and support.

Tony Breane

Retired, London (62 years of age)

A big advantage lan has over most personal trainers is that he has performed as an international sportsman. Also, he has maintained his passion for exercise post his competitive career and, partly using his own body as a test bed, has continued to develop his own knowledge. All this has given him an exceptional practical understanding of functional strength and fitness training. When I started training with lan, I was a 60 year old, still keen, squash player starting to be beset by niggling injuries. lan started me on a programme focusing particularly on the three power lifts to strength my anterior and posterior power chain. This was all done very carefully, prioritising exact technique and increasing the weights in measured small steps. The goal wasn't to bulk me up or target absolute strength as a priority, but to help my squash. The result over time was the multiple niggling back/hamstring/calf/knee injuries stopped happening and I could play squash far more regularly. Also, the weights I lifted increased very significantly. I would thoroughly recommend lan as a personal trainer. He's good company and you can have great confidence that he knows what he's doing.

Sonia Goodman

London (65 years of age)

Five years ago Simona came to my rescue when I was very ill and newly receiving chemo.She took me on, gave me hope, strength and her unique selfless gift of profound healing which is why I am able to give you this testimonial today. Quite simply from the bottom of my heart I thank her for her remarkable insight and her steady gentle nurturing whenever I needed her.
She always seeks to help wit a generosity and knowledge that sets her apart from the rest. Her breathing sessions are life changing and I feel honoured that she is still in my life today. Simona you are a total star!

Jenny Gadsby

Retired, London (73 years of age)

As a newbie to the gym and to exercise in my 70s, I have found exercising increasingly satisfying, my balance (it never improved at yoga or Pilates) has certainly got better and I am more toned. Watching lan train men in the gym, I thought he might be a bit too demanding of me but his quiet, gentle way is to take it step by step, listening to one's ailments and helping to improve what you feel you need to . Consequently, I am stronger, more confident and feel that, when next tested, my osteoporosis will show itself not to be the problem it was.


Journalist, London (36 years of age)

If you want to get fit, make sure you fit in time for lan. It's as simple as that. Ian can work with you whatever your age (from whipper snappers to silver surfers) or fitness level. Couldn't recommend lan more.


Construction Engineer, London (28 years of age)

I tried so many times before to get into a routine at the gym and failed each time. I lacked the knowledge and din't have any confidence. I decided to try PT and chose lan. lan gave me the confidence, knowledge and skills and I succeeded in improving my strength and fitness. I've learned so much and seen huge improvements. I've lifted weights I thought I'd never lift. He is full of great advice. I've also found my running has improved due to a strong core. lan gives 100% commitment to each session. I enjoy training with him and can't recommend him highly enough.


Construction Engineer, London (34 years of age)

I started seeing lan to kick start my fitness routine and get back into shape for my young family. I found lan knowledge and friendly. He kept the workout interesting and at the high intensity that got me to my goals. I still use the knowledge passed on to me by lan and some of his routines in my weekly workouts even though we now live opposite ends of the country.

Michael Garcia

London (37 years of age)

I have been training with lan for over five years. Whatever my target, lan always has a multitude of effective, challenging and fun routines to help me achieve my goals, manage and avoid injury. A great motivator, lan has kept m coming back for more!

David Atkinson

Company Director, London (60s)

Simona is a great personal trainer with a unique difference. Simona focuses on movement, posture and breathing techniques. Very complimentary to weight training. After the first couple of training sessions with Simona I could very quickly see marked improvements in my strength and conditioning work brought about solely by correct posture and breathing techniques. I was always amazed at how hard a workout can be without lifting a single weight. Simona turns training into an art form and my gains were noticeable in terms of better posture and enhanced endurance due to correct breathing techniques.



Working with lan on strength and conditioning delivered great results for me. lan is a very intuitive personal trainer and he constructs bespoke personal training sessions and knows when to drive for results or when a lighter training session is needed.
I worked with lan both pre and post hernia surgery and he was able to create programmes that were extremely relevant especially during the post-surgery healing phase where exercise is important but excessive exercise can lead to catastrophic results. My outcomes from working with lan were noticeable gains, particularly in core muscle strength and cardio endurance.

Dr Roderick O'Sullivan


Gone are the days when men turned 60, received their pension and after the boss' farewell handshake, quietly shuffled off to their graves. Professional trainers like ex-international athlete, lan Armstrong, have changed all that - and I should know! For twenty five years lan's astute analyses - combined with his formidable knowledge, experience and skill - raised my squash game to new heights. Likewise, and against the odds, he has allowed me to stick my tongue out at my birth certificate (age 76) by sympathetically and skilfully keeping me fit despite my litany of operations including hip replacements (two); surgical Achilles' tendon repairs (two) and coronary by-passes (three). Not to be outdone by the challenge posed by my recent aortic valve replacement, lan's indomitable patience and know-how already have me back playing racquetball and, wait-for-it, weight-lifting!
All within eight months of my knocking at Death's Door so, immense credit must go to this unique Scotsman for allowing me to change my name to Lazarus. If you want a personal trainer par excellence, lan Armstrong's your man.


Nanny, 51 years of age, London

lan Armstrong is a great personal trainer who has help me make permanent life changes for a better health and well being. I have been a member of the gym lan worked at in West London for 11 years and have attended his group classes as well as taking one to one sessions. As time went by, exercise had to be altered to my needs having had a hip operation. Ian has helped me throughout my recovery really well and got me back to my ideal weight. I am now in my 50's and feel fantastic and confident!

Dr. Terrance Folley

PHD, MSc, BSc.

As I have grown older, now 76 and reached what most people would call my twilight years i.e. downhill to the nursing home or worse, I decide that a few good years ago I would treat myself to a professional trainer to retain where possible a level of fitness akin to that which I had when I played waterpolo for Aberdeen/Scottish Universities. Luckily, I met lan Armstrong, a professional trainer and ex International Scottish athlete who, nearly 20 years ago or more, had the unenviable task of taking me on and, using his vast knowledge, experience and skill, not only devised a program of gym work that helped me maintain my initial basic level of fitness but raised it dramatically through a combination of aerobic, circuits, strength, weightlifting routines. Today, my level of fitness as such that I have taking up outdoor running and swimming again. And I am preparing for two of my main sporting passions in life: worldwide ski touring, mountaineering and competitive squash in which I have entered the World Masters Squash Tournament in Poland in 2021. Without Ian's help and encouragement, I would not have been in this position and although he has now moved to Malvern I intend to keep up the regime of aerobic and strength routines that he gave me. I can thoroughly recommend lan Armstrong as a top level Personal Trainer not only for general/remedial but also for sport specific training and fitness.

Janice Coulthard

60's, retired

lan has been my Personal Trainer for over 15 years and has always been considered towards one's age and level of fitness whist keeping up a strict regime to help improve well being. He is thoughtful, excels in rehabilitation following injury and is sympathetic. He will start slowly, gradually increasing the workouts as your fitness recovers.

Hywell Davis

60's, retired classical musician

I decided to try out PT sessions with lan when he first came to Ealing. At first, I was rather confused and unsure but as we worked together over a period of time I started to understand what he was working on and why. I soon reached the point when our weekly sessions became invaluable and the differences in my health, strength and posture over a period of time were quite remarkable and still are. He is patient and understanding but always pushing for that little bit extra. After 12 years I still wholeheartedly recommend him!